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May 12

Don’t trash you old mobile phone

Recycling of phones earlier meant passing it on to a friend or relative who didn’t have one of his own.  Nowadays, most of us own a mobile.  Mobile phone recycling has become a great way to save our planet and even receive cash as a reward.

Act fast

Since mobile phones devalue very fast over time and people are continuing to upgrade their existing phones regularly, a mountain of old phones is building up in the drawers and cupboard of almost every household.  At any given point of time, there are at least two cell phones in the house, including the new smartphone which is just about a week or so old.

Sensible act

Just like we engage in recycling printer cartridges, we must also recycle our mobile phones.  Mobiles including batteries contain toxins which are extremely harmful to the environment if trashed improperly.  It will be prudent to look for a company which specializes in mobile phone recycling so that you are completely assured that it is safely processed and is beneficial in the long run.  You also earn a decent reward for your good deed.

Always compare

When I wanted to recycle my cell phone the last time, I found that different websites were offering different prices and there is no fixed price for any particular make or model.  It is always good to compare where you can get the best deal from for your old phone and in the process, earn a reward for the same.

Feb 12

Exploited and Missing Children to be Helped Through Mobile Phone Recycling

Our precious children surely deserve the care and protection that we received as children.  I feel saddened each time I hear about incidents where children end up missing or are ill-treated worldwide.  A USA-based company Sprint has decided to launch a cell phone recycling programme which will help the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children and has already been successful in bringing a huge sum of money to achieve its mission.

Such a programme however does not exist in the UK, but that definitely does not mean that citizens cannot fulfil their responsibility.  They too can recycle their old and unused mobile phone and help needy children.  This money can then be given to any charity which helps children.  Even a direct offering if not a donation to any charity will help children who need your help.  So why deny them?

Cell phone recycling works great as it helps in earning you some cash.  You could earn some more too if the mobile phone you have on block is a popular model.  However it just does not matter what is the amount since you are only helping the needy, particularly children, and any amount is of great importance.  This is precisely the reason why this programme in the US has fascinated people from all across the world.  Apart from protecting the environment, this precious contribution that cell phone recycling can make to the lives of the children, is definitely a worthy cause.