Mobile phone recycling helps extract 1,500 kg gold

Recently, it was observed that huge amounts of silver, gold, nickel, palladium among other precious metals have been used in the electronic devices we own.  Mobile phones too contain some of the precious elements on earth.  Countries such as Korea and Japan are running out of these scarce materials which are required to manufacture new models of cell phones and other electronics.  If extreme steps such as cell phone recycling are not taken seriously, there is no way we can get out precious metals back.

A survey was recently conducted by the government wherein around 100 million cell phones will be carrying roughly 1,500 kg gold.  This also implies that if 100 million mobiles are trashed away in landfills, then 1,500 kg gold is straight away lost.  Well, this loss is insignificant if compared to the ill-effects it has on our environment.  The lithium batteries and other parts contained in the electronic devices, including mobile phones, are extremely harmful to our planet.

The need for gold these days in the market to make new electronic devices, coupled with the ever increasing harmful impact to the environment on throwing them into the landfills, makes it even more important for us to recycle our old mobile phones.

For this good deed, you are offered a small profit in return.  In order to recoup cell phones, companies are offering a good price for those and use these phones in working condition as a way to help others in getting a handset at an affordable price.

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