Micro HDMI Support for Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)

One of the significant missing features in the Windows Phone 7 release was the HDMI support. Although the platform supported video recording, it did not have the ability to easily share the content with an HDTV device nearby. However, things will change with Acer M310 now.

The new device will feature the latest Windows Phone OS (named Mango) along with the micro HDMI output (a feature also available on many Android handsets). As per reports, the soon to be launched HTC Eternity, another device with Windows Phone OS, will also feature a micro HDMI port besides DLNA wireless sharing.

A Windows Phone NZ blog recently showed the Acer M310 prototype at the Tech Ed conference.

The blog highlighted that the gadget appears to be a good basic handset overall with bevelled edges and a black shiny appearance. This handset has a never seen before feature on the Windows handsets before, the video output to HDMI. Some more additions are the DLNA support to play over a Wi-Fi network connected Xbox, television or a DLNA supported device. The other Acer M310 features are similar to the existing Windows Phone 7 handsets, 8GB storage capacity for example.

The blog also informs that the new device is nearing its completion stages, as far as the production is concerned. This indicates that we will soon have more details about its release date and locations. With regard to the other Windows Phone 7.5 gadgets, though they will all have the capability, it will entirely be up to the handset manufacturers to provide the output.

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