Magically Sell Your Mobile with Paul Daniels

Magic your Mobile into CashThe oldschool magician one and only Mr Paul Daniels and the lovely Debbie McGee who’s been the only real reason he is who is. Well behind every good man and all that ;) Well Mazuma Mobile Review have hired them to appear in a TV ad which has already been aired since the 3rd March on free view digital TV but soon to be launched to terrestrial TV as well in a bid to create awareness of mobile phone recycling to more people that you can sell your mobile phone for cash whilst helping the environment at the same time.

Magic your mobile into cash!

The quirky ad features the Maz mascot figure jumping into a bag and Paul Daniels magically turning him into cash after his best trick fails. With the help of Mazuma of course, who pay cash for your old mobile phone recycled with them at some of the most competitive prices compared to other recyclers. Further complemented by magic themed competitions and promotions found on the Mazuma Facebook page.

Charlo Carabott managing director says the earlier ads were good in informing people on how important it is to recycle mobile phones which is still a bit of a taboo to many people but says there are just 6 simple steps to recycle your old mobiles.

Mazuma offer a Fast 48 hour payment byy Cheque, Bank transfer or Argos Gift Vouchers. But you could get more! Simply enter your make and model of mobile phone into the Mobile Phone Recycling Price Comparison Tool above to get an instant value and sell your mobile to the highest paying recycler. You can see how each one differences from each other and the payment methods each have to make sure you make the right choice for you and get the most money for your mobile with our Top Mobile Phone Recycling Sites post.

Oh sorry did you want to see it? Okay here ya go :)

Mazuma Mobile recycle mobiles for cash.
Sell used mobile to Mazuma

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