Recycle Cell Phones for Swagbucks Credits

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Swag Bucks. The Google powered search engine that rewards you in Swagbucks currency for using its search engine that you can then redeem for great prizes and gifts from the Swag Store will purchase old or unused or even broken non-working mobile phones or cell phones from you in exchange for Swagbucks.

Right now you can trade-in your old or unused or unwanted mobile phones for Swagbucks by completing a simple 3 step process.

  1. Look up your cell phone.
  2. Print pre-paid shipping label & trade-in reciept.
  3. You will receive Swag Bucks.

This is great for people who already use Swag Bucks like us who want a way to get a bunch of Swagbucks and have any old mobile phones lying around. I think though this may only be for people based in the U.S states as there was no option to select the carriers that we have other here in the U.K such as o2, t-mobile, virgin etc etc. Only an “other” option.

You can select the make and model of phone you have and it will ask you a series of questions about the phone such as if it powers on or if the LCD works etc. It will tell you how many Swagbucks you’ll get for that make and model and based on the criteria of the answers.

You may not be getting straight cash for it selling the phone this way like you would selling it to any of the actual mobile phone recycling sites we’ve reviewed on this site. And to be honest Swag Bucks is not a dedicated mobile phone recycling company. But they can recycle mobile phones for Swagbucks still. You may not get as many Swagbucks for your phone as you could when you compare to how much you could get for it in cash. But this is still good for anyone who wants to rack up a quick big bunch of Swagbucks.

With most mobile phones going for about about 50 to 100 Swagbucks. You could put them towards some Amazon gift vouchers that are only 45 Swagbucks each. You can then accumalate these in your Amazon account and use lots of them as payment towards one item or lots of little items. Such as books, DVD’s or games.

sell your mobile for swagbucks If you have no idea what Swag Bucks is. Like said, it’s a Google & Ask powered search engine that rewards you in Swagbucks points for searching the web normally as if you would in Google. You can then use the random Swagbucks you’ll earn (once saved up) for many many different types of things from the Swag Store. From trading cards to gift vouchers. To t-shirts, DVD’s, Music, Games, Electronics like iPods, Consoles and much much more. They have a Facebook page, a Blog, a Twitter account and are on other social networking sites. You can keep up with them and go on Swagbucks hunts for Swag Codes that you can find and enter into a box to win even more Swagbucks. It’s taking the nation by storm and you can’t loose with it.

So now you know what Swag Bucks is. Sign up to Swag Bucks and start earning and winning Swagbucks like the rest of us and so you can trade in and recycle your mobile phone. Once signed up click the Trade-In link on the homepage and proceed with the steps outlined above to sell and recycle your mobile phone with them for Swagbucks.

It’s not just mobile phones you can trade-in for Swagbucks. They also accept games consoles and console games. So if you have any of them lying around gathering dust never being used you may as well trade them in to Swag Bucks to earn yourself more Swagbucks from them all.

Swag Bucks is great! I find it lots of fun and am always winning daily random Swagbucks from searching. It’s easy to find out if there are any Swagbucks Codes active or not by checking the “Swidget” (Swag Bucks Widget). I’ve added it to this post so you can see for yourself. Just click the “Swag Codes” button and it will tell you if a hunt is in effect or not.

And as if that wasn’t enough! I don’t like to do things by half and always will want to provide as much information as possible that you’ll need.

When you are signed up to Swag Bucks make sure that you Visit the How to Earn More Swagbucks blog for Swagbucks earning tips and tricks!

Sell Your Mobile for Swagbucks Prizes!

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